About Us

Parrhesia Productions are a group of fresh young filmmakers based around Cardiff, South Wales. Established in 2013, we have been steadily building our portfolio with a range of styles and intentions. We firmly believe that filmmaking holds a unique multi-sensory power that can be used not only for entertainment, but also for social, intellectual and emotional learning and development. We believe that the strengths of film come from this ability to convey thought and feeling through a strong blend of music and visuals working together in unison.

[vimeo 138736605]

We have been a part of the Gibbonhaus Creative Arts Collective ever since our inception, meaning that we have access to a diverse group of talented creatives in all areas and mediums, but our primary roster is as follows;

Joe Lee – Producer, Cinematographer, Editor and Founder of Parrhesia Productions.

Rory Barr – Director, Cinematographer and Co-Founder of Parrhesia Productions.

Oliver Tong – Musical Director.

Iain McDonald – Creative Consultant.

Olie Underhay – Head of Events Management.

Elena Sin H. – Head of Design and Advertising.

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