Here at Parrhesia Productions, we thoroughly support and encourage cross-medium collaboration and co-operation. We believe in supporting other Creatives of all varieties, and we utilise the database of the Gibbonhaus Creative Arts Collective to make sure we have the best possible crew involved with any projects we undertake. Below is a list of weblinks for our closest partners and collaborators, if you have enjoyed browsing through our site then you’ll more than likely appreciate these others;

The Gibbonhaus Creative Arts Collective have provided long standing support for Parrhesia Productions, allowing us access to a wealth of talented individuals and providing a platform for us to promote our projects.

Ben’s Basement – A Cardiff Film Critic posting frequent unbiased reviews of copious numbers of major cinematic releases

Renegade Sounds – A South Wales music production label and event organisers

Israel Jacques – A Cardiff-born, Bristol-based electronic producer

Stereotribe – A music performance and installation Production House based on the Isle of Wight

Glasseye – A Cardiff based musician experimenting with 80′s/90′s pop influences

Elena Sin H – A graphic designer based in Cardiff


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